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valentines day shreddingI think many of us have been there. Valentine’s is coming up, but a recent break-up has left you not so much in the mood for celebrating. Now there’s a choice however for the brokenhearted – Bunjo’s Comedy Lounge in St. Dublin, CA is hosting the Anti-Valentine’s Day Comedy Bash. In edition to an opportunity to “air your grievances” publicly on state, there will be a paper shredder on hand for those pesky old photos of the ex. In a write-up on the event in the Dublin Patch, John DeKoven writes:

(Brunjo’s Comedy Lounge) will have the “Airing of Grievances” where audience members can come on stage (voluntary) & speak about what bothers them about dating, disaster dates etc… Prizes will be awarded. Make sure you bring pictures of your ex’s as we will have a paper shredder that you can run them through.

Hopefully you’re having better luck with love, but if not at least you can have some fun with it.

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