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Saturday September 20th 2014

Demonstration Video of the SEM 132A Shredder Bags

Check out our video below to see the SEM 132A Shredder Bags – 50/Roll in action.

YouTube Preview Image


Hi I’m Holly with Mono Machines and these are the SEM SEM 132A Shredder Bags. They keep your shred particles in a bag and off the floor. They are made of durable plastic, they are specific to the size of your SEM shredder bin and they come in a roll of 50. so Keep your shredding particles off the floor and in an SEM shredder bag. Happy shredding.

SEM 132A Quick Overview

  • SEM 132A Shredder Bags
  • Plastic waste bags for use with SEM Shredders
  • 50 bags per roll


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