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Saturday December 20th 2014

Video of the HSM FA 490.2cc Cross-Cut Shredder

Check out our video below to see the “HSM FA 490.2cc Cross-Cut Shredder” in action.

YouTube Preview Image

HSM FA 490.2cc Quick Overview

  • This Product Has Been DISCONTINUED
  • High performance industrial shredder
  • Conveyor belt with loading table
  • Touch-sensitive keypad for continuous operation
  • Auto Stop with LED and Reverse
  • Mounted on Casters
  • Reusable Collection Bag
  • Shreds upto 440 sheet/pass
  • Sturdy gear motor with chain drive
  • The HSM FA490.2cc to shreds staples, paper clips, CDs and floppy disks.
  • Power: 3-phase, 230V, dedicated line required
  • Shreds up to 440 sheets per pass
  • Part Number HSM 1616


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