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Saturday December 20th 2014

Demonstration Video of the Mesa Safe MFL2014E-OLK Depository Safe

Check out our video below to see the Mesa Safe MFL2014E-OLK Depository Safe in action.

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Hi I’m Holly with Mono Machines and this is the Mesa MFL2014EOLK Depository Safe.  It protects against robbery and internal theft by allowing quick deposits and secure storage.  Come on in check it out.  This thing is heavy duty, it’s got steel construction built to survive a 2 storey fall. Here we have an exterior locking compartment for additional storage and that is completely seperate from our front loading half inch thick deposit door with anti-fish baffle, see that inside and we can open our safe using our personal pin, and then press #, open it on up, inside underneath this mat there are four predrilled holes so you can mount this to the floor for added security.  Here on the door we have three 1 inch solid steel live locking bolts and it comes with a blocking money bag and key. This heavy duty solid easy to use depository safe is a great choice for any business that needs quick deposits.  Thanks for watching, I’m Holly with Mono Machines.

Mesa Safe MFL2014E-OLK Quick Overview

  • Battery-operated electronic lock with relocker (9V battery included)
  • Includes a Free Locking Deposit bag ($25 value)
  • Dead bar prevents door removal during forced entry attempt
  • Separate outer key-locking compartment
  • Comes with 4 user codes and 1 Master

Mesa Safe


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