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Friday July 25th 2014

Demonstration Video of the Quartet 2124 Enclosed Cork Outdoor Bulletin Board – 4×3

Check out our video below to see the Quartet 2124 Enclosed Cork Outdoor Bulletin Board – 4×3 in action.

YouTube Preview Image


Hi, I’m Holly with Mono Machines and this is the Quartet 2124 Enclosed Cork Board.  Now it’s for outdoor use and as you can see we have got  3 feet x 4 feet aluminium frame and two display windows.  I’m gonna show you how to use it, very easy and simple.  Unlock here with the key, and post some announcements, see we are having pot look  at the office or bike to workday that we want to promote, lock it back up again.  Now great feature about this board is the shadow proof windows and what you can’t see it is vented and water resistant which makes it great for outdoor use.  This board is simple.  It’s easy to use.  All you have to do is change it, lock it and walk away.

Quartet 2124 Quick Overview

  • Specially designed for outdoor environments, enclosed board features aluminum-vented case and water-resistant backing
  • Post and protect information behind clear, shatter-proof acrylic windows
  • Each door has its own lock to keep information in place
  • Self-sealing natural cork provides excellent, resilient tacking surface to keep information intact
  • Sleek, satin finish anodized aluminum frame with full-length hinges complements any interior


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