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Saturday October 25th 2014

Demonstration Video of the Kutrimmer 1134 Paper Cutter

Check out our video below to see the Kutrimmer 1134 Paper Cutter in action.

YouTube Preview Image


Hi, I’m Holly with Mono Machines and this is the Kutrimmer 1134.  Now It’s a guillotine paper cutter for small office use.  And if you come in close I will show you its all metal construction.  It has a 13.75 inch blade and pre-printed guides right on here in inches and metric.  So lets do some cutting.  I am going to put my paper in, line up our guide, tighten it down and away we go.  This machine cuts cardstock and photo paper as well and it can cut up to 25 sheets at one time.  Have a look at that nice clean cut.  Now this machine is made in Germany.  It’s solid and durable and it’s built to last.  Thanks for watching, I am Holly with Mono Machines.

Kutrimmer 1134 Quick Overview

  • Solingen steel blade set may be resharpened
  • Manual Clamp
  • Transparent Lexan safety guard with integrated cutting line indicator
  • Precision side guides scaled in inches and metric system
  • Adjustable back gauge
  • Standard paper sizes indicated on table
  • Non-skid rubber feet for safe operation
  • Heavy duty blade mounting bracket
  • All-metal construction


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