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Sunday August 31st 2014

Demonstration Video of the Dahle 41630 CleanTEC High Security Shredder – Level 5

Check out our video below to see the Dahle 41630 CleanTEC High Security Shredder – Level 5 in action.

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Hi, I’m Holly with Mono Machines and this is the Dahle 41630 Clean TEC Cross-Cut Shredder.  Now it’s a level 5 security shredder and it’s a great choice for any department.  Come on in I’m gonna show you how it works.  Its got a 16 inch throat.  It can shred up to 11 sheets of paper at one time and it’s got ESP, an electronic sensing protection system right here.  It will tell you if you have put too many sheets of paper in and will virtually eliminate paper jams.  This shredder also has an auto oiler.  This little light will come on if you need to add oil.  But what I love is the safety technology.  If for any reason you need to stop this machine from shredding, watch this, stop, there you go and it does.  That’s the voice command shut off system.  Now heaven forbid your hair or your tie gets stuck in this machine tell it to stop and it will.  But what really sets this machine apart from it’s competitors at least is it has an air filter.  Okay, it is the only shredder on the market that has one.  It’s the clean tech filter, it looks just like this and it’s right here in the back.  When you are shredding particles can be released into the air, you can breathe them in, it’s unhealthy.  This filter it’s gonna capture all those particles keep your working environment very clean and safe.  Down here we have got a 45 gallon bin and I will show you what your shreds are gonna look like, look at this tiny little level 5 shred.  Keep in mind this is the only shredder on the market that has an air filter.  It’s also Germen made.  It’s got a chain driven motor and it’s gonna last you a very long time.  Thanks for watching,  I’m Holly with Mono Machines.

Dahle 41630 Quick Overview

  • FREE Dahle 20090 Shredder with Purchase – While Supplies Last
  • Innovative DAHLE CleanTEC® filter system for reducing fine dust. Made of special 3-ply, fully recyclable non-woven material and can be changed quickly and easily.
  • Permanent measurement of paper volume for uninterrupted shredding.
  • Automatic acoustic switch-off function stops the motor instantly.
  • Solid-steel cutters in special steel can cope with paper clips and staples.
  • Multi-function control panel for fast, easy operation.


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