National Shredder Review: GoECOlife GXC120Ti Makes the Cut

National Shredder Review: GoECOlife GXC120Ti Makes the Cut

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An independent product-testing organization* recently reviewed 19 cross-cut paper shredders as part of their December 2011 issue. After performing the tests, technicians gave a recommendation of four models that beat out the rest.

According to the testing organization, technicians tested two types of shredders:

  1. With a pull-out console model, you empty the device by pulling out a drawer that collects the shreds
  2. With a wastepaper-basket shredder, you lift the shredder mechanism off of a basket that holds the shreds.

Among the four was the GoECOlife GXC120Ti 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Green Commercial Shredder, a new model in GoECOlife’s Platinum shredder series, partly because it:

  • was easy to operate
  • shredded paper faster compared to the others tested
  • had fewer paper jams
  • required less frequent emptying
GoECOlife GXC120Ti

Here’s how they tested it:

We fed the shredders about 25,000 pages (they were left over from a recent printer test). Each one met its claims for paper handling and destroying credit cards. The units that claimed to handle data discs (CDs and DVDs), paper clips, and staples managed those items, too.

The GoECOlife GXC120Ti tested well in both speed and convenience. For a list of specs for the GXC120Ti, click here.

Not sure how to choose a paper shredder to begin with? No problem. Here’s how you can choose the right paper shredder for you.

*The name of the independent product-testing organization is being withheld as reviews by the organization are a paid service. The organization does not endorse any recommended shredders.

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